Hmmm... considering today's news, does anyone find it kind of odd that Elon Musk isn't trending on Twitter right now?


@atomicpoet @MrsMouse they kinda need the rage to keep on going. Twitter is like a ponxi scheme but you need to keep feeding it rage or the algorith collapses

@e88 @MrsMouse This is the best explanation of Twitter that I've ever read 😂 😂 😂

@e88 @atomicpoet @MrsMouse Same can be said about Facebook regarding their business mode. I really have to ask, is there a point that one reaches that one is 'all raged out', that 'peak rage' is reached and the exhaustion sets in after being in constant 'fight or flight mode'? constantly angry at the world? I mean, if I was constantly angry at everything I'd end up exhausted.

@CommissarMatis @e88 @atomicpoet
I would say that... hm.. facebook was better at exausting me, so I Generally stopped using it years ago. Twitter is better and keeping me under the critical breaking point.

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