@aral I wish there was a lightweight Mastodon server that was specifically geared to single person instances.

Do you know of one?

@e88 Nope. But if you hear of such an ActivityPub server, please do let me know too. I’d be very interested.

@aral @e88 Of course, there is an activitypub plugin for Wordpress, but WP being the bloated mess it is, that may not be everybody's cup of tea.

@aral @e88 I recently switched over to honk which is super lightweight and geared for single user.

It also purposely doesn't support dopamine features (likes, follower counts, etc.).

Honestly I really like it. It's a little Spartan but once you get the hang of it, the simplicity is a huge plus.

Source code is here:

@e88 @aral honk is VERY lightweight, but I don't know much about it.
there was also another one that focuses on single-user stuff, but I forget the name.

#Pleroma is much more lightweighted than Mastodon as far as I know, although it has a comparable feature set by being a microblogging-service as well. And as a part of the #Fediverse it is of course fully interoperable with mastodon.

@e88 You can install it on a Raspi - without any problems. @aral

@kat @e88 @bob @aral Epicyon isn't specifically single tennant, but it's designed for no more than a small number of tennants (eg. family size). It's also intended to be low maintenance.

@e88 @dumpsterqueer's GoToSocial is relatively low-resource, I think, not sure how focussed on single-person instances it is though.

CC @aral

@aral I’m using honk which is geared for one user, but it’s still a little rough around the edges.

@e88 @aral is generally lighter weight than mastodon (basically you only need a postgres db, and pleroma itself runs as a pretty lightweight erlang/elixir app). i run it as a single-person instance with minimal issues is even more minimal

@e88 @aral what's the benefit of gearing an instance for a single person? A social activity feed for one seems counter intuitive unless I'm missing something.

@mcneely @e88 The fediverse is federated so you can speak to anyone on any other instance. An instance of one means that you don’t have to moderate anyone else, just yourself.

Take that as a core tenet and you have the #SmallWeb (which doesn’t have to use ActivityPub but could interoperate with it if desired).

@aral @e88 basically the idea of a single user instance is trading moderation control for local (instance) interactivity and just planning to federate where you want?

I can understand the appeal in that

@mcneely @aral @e88 you will get improved #privacy too: your IP is logged by your own instance and your full DMs history is managed by you.

@emanuele @aral @e88 would DMs still be open to the sysadmin of the recipient?

@mcneely @aral @e88 unfortunately yes (for now). But due to the federated nature of the system, anyone interested to my entire DMs history should hack my instance or gain access to all the federated servers.

@e88 @aral @mcneely don’t you miss the local timeline for discovery and the “community” feeling? I’m new here, so not sure if there are alternatives for that.

@andregil yes lonely in the beginning. I need to seek out people to follow with this account

@rghvdberg this looks like the one I will try. it's already packaged for which I already run

thanks to all chiming in with suggestions. i hope others get inspired to host single instances or a bigger instance from your suggestions.

Epicyon is specifically designed for low resource use (I've heard of it being run on a Raspberry Pi). Pleroma is also supposed to be less demanding than Mastodon.

Of course, the protocol is called "ActivityPub", whereas "Mastodon" is the particular server software. So you're not looking for "version of Mastodon", but an alternative "federated" or "fediverse" server. Though some, like "Hometown" are forks.

Nitpicks, but it'll get you better search results to know the right keywords.

@e88 @aral gotosocial, perfect for single user instances

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