Social capital will achieve more than financial capital ever will.

@Framasoft In our Peertube instances we noticed that the nginx server has a set limit of file size, and this was causing the uploads for larger videos (over 60min) to not upload to Peertube. We were able to change the nginx config and upload much larger files (3hrs!). Just wanted to know if you have run into this before!

The dawning recognition that my mixing sucks on my recordings, and that I have terrible low end awareness. Ooof. Starting all the mixes on this EP from square one. Having a proper studio with bass traps and a sub would be nice. For now, what I have will have to do.

I am extremely looking forward to tonight’s episode of

How fitting that I made a large batch of chili on the same day I joined Mastodon

My new goal is to become one of those guys you see in documentaries and nowhere else

From my experience here, everyone seems to be more technically inclined and dare I say... than Twitter

DisCO aims to prototype new and radical forms of ownership, governance & value accounting to counteract economic inequality by combining concepts from cooperativism, the commons, P2P & feminist economics.

Only now realized the hilarious connection of paleocybernetic and mastodon. The ig the name fits wear it.

Wondering if I arrived at the right time given the uh, diaspora from other social media sites. Seems there are good sorts of people here. As large as twitter was, it still had awful
engagement. Felt very capitalistic between the haves and have nots.

Where are good places to discuss / / / and production on Mastodon? Getting all my interests out up front!

What is the future of work?

To us, it's restoration. We need to restore our relationships to our living planet and to each other. This is the work of our lifetimes, to carry forward in future generations.

Download your free copy here:

BTW, today we released #PeerTube v3, complete with p2p live streaming features and a behind-the-scene short film.

Read more about it on our blog (and please share 😉)


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