Got me some Digilent VGA adapters in the mail, and upon installation, I was absolutely elated.

I literally cannot be any happier.

The connection was solid both electrically and mechanically. Easy to install and remove. And, fairly cheap. (Based on this experience, I feel much more comfortable with the idea of using these kinds of connectors for the Kestrel-3's expansion backplane.)

The only thing that really sucks is the connector is a female connector, and so now I have to find a gender bender for my video cable. Less important, but still somewhat sucky, is the orientation of the VGA connector, which puts a bit of undue stress on the video card.

#vdc2 #vdcII #rc2014 #fpga #retrocomputing #kestrel3

@edk Thanks!

I also intend on re-using these PCBs for my future homebrew RISC-V-based computer design as well. I'm planning on taking a design cue from Amiga Zorro-III bus design and making an 80-pin bus which is backward compatible with the RC2014 bus.

That way, I can re-use all the hardware I currently have in the new design. But, this will be some years out, I'm afraid.

@vertigo very wild! Always nice to see people pushing the edges of what’s possible

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