Social capital will achieve more than financial capital ever will.

@nurashimi this is when I just switch to getting pre-made dough. My dough always is too heavy.

@nurashimi sweet and savory is a good combo. Especially with the acids in both the pineapple and the tomato.

@nurashimi this is when you must make your own pizza and take the means of production into your own hands. I recommend a pizza stone.

@Framasoft In our Peertube instances we noticed that the nginx server has a set limit of file size, and this was causing the uploads for larger videos (over 60min) to not upload to Peertube. We were able to change the nginx config and upload much larger files (3hrs!). Just wanted to know if you have run into this before!

@Tel Lyra is an extremely cute name for a cute, if that is who Lyra is

@wizard ugh bass is so hard. I ran into a wall in my mixing... I mix in a huge room with weird angles and no sub. Mixing my latest EP I had to totally rethink how I do things. Feels like starting from scratch. I need to make music with just bass until I get it!

@wizard this is extremely nice and good. What do you produce with? I'm digging it!

@edk @CryptoSwinger try migrating to a different server. I’m going to try that soon. was the biggest one I could join but I’m thinking I might migrate to a server more aligned to my interests. You will find that different servers are moderated differently too - less tolerance for spam for example.

@CryptoSwinger I don’t think it’s everyone on Mastodon. It’s only what your server is federated with. And unfortunately there are a lot of scammers who might like bitcoin 😜 you made me doubt how it worked so I looked it up:

@CryptoSwinger unfollowing everyone would keep every instance federated with this one still wouldnt it?

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