19th September 2020:

'Electrochemistry: The philosophy and Science'
Watch Dr. Musthafa's webinar session organized by 'UL Space Club'

YouTube Link:

31st July 2020:

Check out the report about the new research article published in the journal Joule, Cell Press by Dr. Musthafa's group.

'An Electrochemical Neutralization Cell for Spontaneous Water Desalination'


31st July 2020:

A new research article published in the journal Joule, Cell Press by Dr. Musthafa's group. Congrats, Zahid and the rest of the team for this achievement.

Article Title: 'An Electrochemical Neutralization Cell for Spontaneous Water Desalination'

We show that conversion of acid-base neutralization energy into electrical energy via reversible H 2 redox can be used to spontaneously desalinate saline water while generating electric power.

Learn More at cell.com/joule/fulltext/S2542-

1st June 2020:

BS-MS students Digvijay Gokhare and Abdul Raafik completed their MS thesis defence.

Digvijay Gokhare presented his thesis work on the topic
'Electrochemical Water Ionization for Energy Storage and Water Desalination'

Abdul Raafik presented his thesis work on the topic
'Outer-sphere Redox Chemistry for Rechargeable Flow Batteries'

21st January 2020:

iPhD student Soumodip Sur recieved best poster award at the Conference on Electrochemistry in Industry, Health and Environment organized by the Indian Society for Electro-Analytical Chemistry.

International Conference on Electrochemistry in Industry Health & Environment was a common platform to the scientists and scholars from laboratories, institutes and industries from India and overseas to discuss about the latest developments and progress of electrochemistry research.

6th Jan 2020:


Honorable Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India Nitin Gadkari visited
Dr. Musthafa's Laboratory. Dr.Musthafa talked about the ongoing Cow-Urine Powered Battery research work to Minister Nitin Gadkari, followed by demonstrations and discussions.


15 -17 December 2019:

EEEG Lab students Sanchayita M. and Thamaraichelvan M received best presentation awards at Scicon 2019

SCICON '19, the 2nd International conference on Advanced Materials, organized by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, is a platform for scientists, engineers academicians, students and professionals across the globe.


7th December 2019:

DR. Musthafa presented his research works in front of honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited IISER Pune and interacted with scientists about various research activities on campus.
Dr. Musthafa, along with other faculties, presented their research works in front of the Prime Minister.

2-5 December 2019:

Dr. Musthafa and EEEG Lab members hosted the 2019 Indo-UK Researcher Links Workshop at Pune.

This workshop brought together researchers from the UK and India who have the potential to be world-leaders in the development of new and sustainable electrochemical routes for the production of fuels, chemicals and materials, and provide an environment for developing new research programs that address these challenges.


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