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Notably, I guess they could do this of us but mainly they'd only get data from like 3 days back because we throw the rest out (unless users bookmark)
They can't take what we don't keep!

I was attacked by the dead. I feel very uneasy.

— Åblel Istamcatten, broker

#UX #Blogs
Sharing is caring: here's my list of 80+ UX related blogs (and people's blogs) with RSS feed to help you get started an progress in the user research and user experience design field

@AlohaPilgrim we are very much in the early days so if it interests you at all but you're perplexed by anything, my cofounder or me would be happy to give you a live tour via like Google Meet or Jitsi

@AlohaPilgrim I don't know if we can teach you but our little platform is a nice way to collaboratively curate auto-didacticism :)

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