Hey @tattooed_mummy you know the way some people are saying they find threads hard? Do they mean posting them or following them? They seem to work fine afaics.

@elhadjimurad @tattooed_mummy I'm guessing it's because not everyone's accessing Mastodon through the same front-end. Are they all the same on every instance, for example?

@tattooed_mummy @elhadjimurad On the PC I work on the mastodon.xtz web front-end. Do they all use the same front end? Is it Mastodon-specific rather than instance specific? This Home screen?

@wombat37 @tattooed_mummy I use the advanced interface with 3 columns but that's what the default looked like. I'm not sure why some people seemed to be having trouble 🤷‍♂️ I should ask them 😁

@wombat37 @tattooed_mummy I guess they are, although the client might make a difference.

@elhadjimurad wait!! If you use the web interface then you have to click to expand a toot to see the thread! Maybe that's the issue? It's only automatic on the apps I think

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