📈 The new social web has reached another milestone: Mastodon passed 3 million users and PeerTube 100k users!📈

Today, the counter at the-federation.info/ shows 3,019,861 #Mastodon and #118,877 #PeerTube users.
#Fediverse (#ActivityPub): 3,340,712
Fediverse (total): 4,367,971

*But* please be aware: The Fediverse has to grow faster! Currently, it just keeps its level of monthly active users (#MAU) in a year-to-year comparison:
-0.2% Mastodon at currently 444,951 MAU
+2.7% Fediverse 493,924 MAU


@gerald_leppert Unfortunately, unless that statistic factors in users who have joined multiple instances, users who have tried Mastodon and left (dead accounts), and other similar things, that actual live number is probably much, much lower. 😞

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@ercanbrack Indeed, the total number of users is an interesting and important number, but - as you describe it - doesn't show the actual live numbers. That's why the #Mastodon monthly active (#MAU) or 6-months active users are so important:
MAU: 445,109
6-months: 1,137,423

Over-estimating factors:
* Users with multiple accounts
* Bot accounts

Under-estimating factors:
* The-federation's list is opt-in. It does not list all instances.
* Not all instances report active users due to privacy.

@gerald_leppert Good points! I was not aware of the under-estimating factors. 🙂

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