After having a battle (heated discussion) on Lemmy with some militant Communists, I’m beginning to realize that there is no alternative Social Media site that I can escape to to avoid conflict. It is the people that I associate with (that I count as “friends”) that I have to change. I need to associate with like minded people to escape the conflict. I need and crave society, and hate isolation. But I wish to escape the toxicity that wears me down in daily debates......

@ercanbrack this is why I completely came off (at a personal level) all mainstream social media and Mastodon and Pixelfed are currently my two main channels for personal connection.

Like you I've still found extreme views and toxicity however I've been trying to adopt a different mindset where if I see it I either block, scroll past it or if I read it pep talk myself out of engagement.

The most mental health damage is when I engage with it :(


@lee I agree completely! Training myself to not engage with it (or mute/filter it) is my next step—along with carefully choosing who to follow/friend. 🙂

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@ercanbrack then we are in good company. To folks trying to do the same thing. :) I was close to a breakdown last year and loss of faith in humanity. Grateful to @techlore and others who talk of Digital Minimalism etc.

@lee @techlore Yes! Agreed! I am walking that very line right now. Please, tell me more about the concept of digital minimalism. 🙂

@ercanbrack Sure the idea is to reduce the amount of tech you rely on to quality items that do the job intended, and reduce your time on the tech.

It's also lead to de-googling and removing myself from alsorts of mainstream centralised platforms that are in essence addictive.

My entire company relied on Google services for example the same with my phone and personal life. There was not separation. Have made huge changes :)

@lee That makes sense. As much as I like technology, I would daresay that I am probably information addicted. I am a total news junkie. I may be headed in the same direction as you. 🙂

@ercanbrack I hear you! News was certainly my biggest addiction and biggest source of anxiety.

I've been practicing not reading ANY news for 2 weeks... I've managed so far although my wife keeps saying things like:

"Oh did you read about X" and "Did you see what such and such said".

These are now closely followed by "Oh I forgot, you don't do news or Facebook".

I now ask her at the end of every day if there is any good news I should be aware of :).

2 weeks in, coped so far and feel good.

@lee Nice! I’m not sure I could bring myself to do that just yet. But, at the same time, I have to ask myself: Does knowing the news increase my ability to control any of it, or does it just increase my anxiety? I suspect my answer would be the latter. 🙂

@ercanbrack these last two weeks mate are after 6 months of slow reduction. Its the first time I've gone "cold turkey". November I lapsed big time and of course the events of Jan in the USA were the final straw when I realised I needed a break so Feb became my no news month as a trial.

My wife tells me the good news which helps (and there is a surprisingly large amount of it). And I've been subscribing to places like Positive News and Good News Network for my "fix"

@lee Yeah, Jan 6th! What a nightmare! That was probably my most unproductive day at work so far! I’m so glad that all worked out! 🙂

@ercanbrack yes me too!! My dad used to read the news once a morning with a paper. No comments, 24 hour old news, no breaking news, just a calm read and cracked on with the day. Perhaps I should go back to print :)

@lee Hehe!! I think printed news is on its way out. But one thing I’ve learned is that reading from high quality daily news sources that contain the least amount of bias and the highest journalistic quality possible helps me stay grounded. I’m currently a fan of Reuters. 🙂

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