I have always kept my account, although I seldom post to it. I keep it because I have a few hundred people that I want to stay in contact with—that won’t move to a more reasonable, less manipulative and divisive social media platform. Today I posted a single somewhat political quote. And immediately, out came the political extremists with their torches and pitchforks to argue—not about my actual posted quote, but about the source of the quote! I hate what Facebook has done to people!

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@ercanbrack I saw it and I saw what you are talking about. It really is sad. FWIW: I hadn't even heard of the term prior to your post so you at least gave me more information.

@mathias This goes to show how completely and thoroughly divided my country is. If I would have posted something remotely favorable to the right, the left-wing extremists would have been the group attacking me. Centrists are few and far between here, and everyone else is at ideological war. It’s as close to being at civil war as can be without the actual war. 😞

I also keep a facebook page for similar reasons.
So much of my small town information gets posted there as well as some very helpful groups.
Although there are some nasty people, I found twitter was much worse.
I live in Yorkshire, England and there is a dialect saying about Yorkshiremen who are supposedly taciturn and careful with money,
See all, Hear all, Say nowt. (nothing)
Eat all, Sup all, Pay nowt
With FB and twitt I try to adhere to the first line. 😄

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