When I first saw this; I hoped it’d be similar to what Twitter did.

Have a section on ones’ profile for payments.
CashTags, Usernames, Etc.

Alas… it’s crypto-trash…


Received my sticker from @ritualdust.

Lookin' fantastic!

Does a wonderful job of covering a company logo & reminding me to use protection while communing with the dead.

This policy has been serving me well so far.

I enjoy quiet times at home without work-related notifications.

Will update in a month.

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I think I've fallen in love with the <pre> tag.

It's solved many headaches while writing HTML.

Is there a way to pin an instances' public timeline to my tweet-deck like interface?

Anyone who’s also attending college.

Any recommendations dealing with frustration caused by a teacher who rambles β€˜bout unrelated-to-class subjects?

I appreciate attempts at engaging with students & they mean well.

Many of us came to learn.
Not chat β€˜bout what we had for dinner last night or what our favorite sports team is.

Personally, I rarely turn off my laptop.

I put it in suspend when not in use.

Only ever seem to reboot when the OS nags me to. Usually after a large update.

In my experience; Linux never really needs to be rebooted except during the first ever boot & update.

After that, it’s always been smooth sailing for me.


Implementing a new policy for myself & my work life.

β€œIf I am not scheduled, I cannot be contacted by anyone/anything related to work”

I’m curious to see where this policy leads me.


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