hedonists b like:
consciousness is stored in the seratonins

ok now that there's gameplay footage of deathloop I'm sorry i ever doubted u daddy arkane

dishonored + mooncrash + that aesthetic?!?

yes please!!

solidarity with the , don't cross that picket line folks! you can survive without overwatch

who the fuck was gonna tell me its "up and at em" not "up and adam"

it all makes sense now

never eat a computer's ass you'll get the "short end of the usb stick" in the end if ur pickin up what im putting down

when I'm mad my speech becomes less articulate but when I'm truly, passionately, deeply angry to my very core, my words blossom into a most flowery flurry of fury

the fuck's with that, brain?

what would you do for a klondike bar?
go to the store and buy one

for an it's-it?
steal the recipe from it's-it hq and devise a sustainable way to manufacture them post-collapse to ensure future generations can Experience The Yum

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such a terrible tragedy today. at least we can take comfort in knowing we are all together in mourning the lack of loss of jeff bezos

Jeff "Icarus" Bezos
Jeff "Icarus" Bezos
Jeff "Icarus" Bezos

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