to be clear i mean childrens dentists offices, obviously very few things could even come close to reaching any measurable portion of the excitement brought about by a Child Dentist

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i dont even need a prize at the end just give me some light themeing i mean come on yall put SOME effort into it

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all i ask is that adult dentists offices be like 5% as exciting as child dentists

whoever named rorshorsh blots got it 1000% right those things are rororibberishrash bolts

u know what they say about gender...

gender? i hardly know 'er!

the hehehes are turning into tehehes
i repeat:

just smoked tea and recited poetry im officially entering my beatnik era

british ppl love to be from places called like swineshire-upon-ledgeford

i came here to eat ass and talk fast
and boy is my mouth tired

waaait donny gloves is childlike garbanzo??!? wo

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