My perfect motherboard back I/O set since it seems it doesn't exist. In all seriousness, it doesn't need to.

We are thankful for all the cats, doggos, bunbuns, and birbs of the internet, all of whom deserve a little salami as a Thanksgiving treat.

How awesome. I unplugged a running computer and somehow killed it.

It went into a state where it booted to a BusyBox terminal. Reinstalled Pop!_OS afterward.

Seems I still don't know enough to fix it without reinstalling.

Some framework laptop port ideas that are literally impossible. Marvel at how many ports your new laptop can't have.

Oh right, that's why I hate EA.

EthanMcBloxxer is taken
EthanMcBloxxxer it is, I guess

Random GrapheneOS wallpaper, designed for the Pixel 5a5G.

Works well with a clock widget under this weather app called "Geometric Weather". Now I just locked myself into using that widget on the home screen, haven't I?


It also took me a lot longer than it should have to type that, since I switched to the Workman layout.

It's fun to learn, though.

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Well, unless you're writing on it with Windows, in which case exFAT is probably better.

Learned that the hard way...

Compatibility is a huge problem.

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I'm unsure of the best place to find the meaning of a song, since it seems like the layers of most songs get more concise the more you add (instrumentals, vocals, video)

Sometimes the video contrasts the story told by the vocals which allows the song to be interpreted in a few different ways. The only limitation of this looks like the overall tone of the song; you can't make a super upbeat music video with the song being depressing.

Just thinking asilent (aloud, but not speaking) here.

bash commands and what they stand for

cat - it tlaps your files like a cat
lsblk - stands for Lesbian Sailor's Boast Look Kool. As for what it does idk probably some shipping thing or something?
sh - what you say to you computer when u want it to be quieter
cd - you can type this comand in when you want you rcomputer to play your creedence clearwater revival CD that you've had in the disk drive since 1998
tail - shows u a fluffy fox tail
dmesg - sends your favorite dude an email. The dude you sent the mail to can be configured in dude.conf
uhhh idk thats all for today

If you pronounce "phone" incorrectly enough, you can end up saying "pony".

We need to pretend to sleep to actually fall asleep...

Why is fl intentionally ligatured?

It looks like a deformed A.

barbarian leg wraps (attack up) these leg wraps were favored by a warlike tribe from the faron region long ago. they're adorned with traditional markings that bolster your fighting spirit to raise your attack power.

dont ask why i posted this

SHEESH! I got on when it was free and the attention to detail is incredible!

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