@eunseeo sama.. Aku terlalu gabut 😭😭😭🤧 ingin ku jb satu-satu

@chioyena gpp jb jb in aj semua disini kalo ga jb jb nolep krn fitur dm q tak terpakai mnist🤧🤧👍🏻

@jjeno disini selain jb jb nolep bgt abisan yh 👍🏻

@eunseeo wkwkwk setuju, eunsoo noona can I get ur follow back? I'm a fan hihihi :blobcat:

@eunseeo noona, I have watched your drama🥺🤚🏻

@jjeno the dalgona one? do tell me your reaction about that! ^°^

@eunseeo I think the drama has good character, where those of you who were afraid of bullies and run away, but finally decided to come back and become bolder.

@jjeno Whoa really? thank you so much for watching my drama, neno! 🥺💝 But the duration is too short for one episode. 🤧

@eunseeo good eve, noona. What are you doing all day?

@jjeno nothing, neno.. i'm just laying on my bed and take a selfie for a new fancafe update. 😳 hbu?

@eunseeo I don't do much, just eat, sleep and repeat :D

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