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Domain block 


Pretty fucking self-explanatory, you reckon?


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child: I have these symptoms of mental illness
parent with undiagnosed mental illness: no everyone goes through that

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mastodon accessibility etiquette - images with text 

On mastodon, you can provide descriptions of images to keep your posts accessible. They show up on mouse-hover and in a few other situations like having the image open, but what is key for you to know is, having text means people with sight issues can use a screen reader or boost the font size which they can't do to an image.

if you screenshot text to post it, please copy and paste it from its source to fill the image description while you are still there. Or if it is already accessible at the source, provide a link and note that in the image description if you really can't be bothered (but that's still kinda rude making people switch sites for accessibility). The web ui has a button for getting text from a screenshot with OCR too, so you can run that and then edit the output for mistakes which means even less work in the case where you just got a reshared image of text.

also just fill in image descriptions even if you don't. let users with vision issues have first-class access to your posts and don't exclude them when you have the power not to.

do not just tag other people and bots to do it for you unless you really can't because of issues typing.

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alias yeet="sudo apt remove"
alias yoink="sudo apt install"

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racism, fascism 

From afronerdism.tumblr.com : A meaningful critique on referring to american white supremacists as nazis.

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trans*, Berlin, Medizin, + 

Leute. Ich war heute bei der neuen Trans*/HIV/STD-Schwerpunktpraxis viropraxis.de/ (im Schillerkiez in #Berlin) und es war wirklich so nice, wie 1 befreundete Person geschwärmt hatte :blobmeltsoblove:

Die machen da Innere Medizin/Endokrinologie, Infektologie (also HIV, andere sexuell übertragbare Krankheiten, PreP, Beratung für Sexarbeitende...) UND hausärztliche Versorgung.

Und wow war das ein angenehmer Umgang. Beim nächsten mal machen wir so ein allgemeines Durchchecken und es wurde diesmal direkt angekündigt, dass die Klamotten an bleiben dürfen, so dass mensch sich darüber keine Gedanken machen muss! <3
Wurde auch direkt nach Namen/Pronomen gefragt und darauf hingewiesen, dass, wenn sie mit der Krankenkasse Behördenkram machen müssen, da ein binäres Pronomen und so drauf muss aber dass man das zu dem Zeitpunkt dann bespricht.

Außerdem cool: Sie arbeiten mit 2 Apotheken zusammen an "besseren Hormonen", zB 1 Testocreme mit 1 Hauch Östro gegen vaginale Atrophie. Wow.

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Trans resources request 

Our mother (white woman in her 60's from Midwestern US) needs resources for understanding non-binary genders and nothing we have on hand is understandable for her. This is a totally new concept for her and despite having come out to her years ago, she's still struggling. Does anybody have a website or something I could pass along?

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update, more urgent, friend looking for a place to stay in the UK, please boost 

update: the place to stay problem just got a lot more urgent, it's likely she'll be out and burning through her savings in the next week or two
if anyone knows any places she could stay please let me know

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e-begging, currently unstable/abusive housing situation; a bit lengthy, sorry, also a little bit of uspol talk 

i hate to make this post, but i fear my imminent future might leave me kicked out of the house i'm currently in.

i live with my parents, and they are dangerously conservative to the point where last night, i talked to my mom about how unsafe i feel with the coup that just happened, and she said "well i feel safer knowing the coup happened!", in which when i stormed back to my room, she threatened to unscrew the door knob if i don't keep talking to her.

in the past she threatened to kick me out for not cleaning out my room, and considering that alongside this recent event, i fear things may go downhill extremely quickly.

and regardless of if i get kicked out or not, i still need an emergency plan for in case things get rough and even more abusive than things have been getting; my parents yell and fight all the damn time, and now they're doing it to me more often.

i urge you to NOT donate if you don't have the money to! don't put yourself under pressure if you don't have the funds to support me! but if you do have the funds, i would highly appreciate the donations though, if you have the money for it!

the only funds i will use immediately are funds to get a face mask, since i have lost* my face mask. i may also consider getting a cheap portable computing device (cheap phone or laptop) since, as it stands, my current laptop is in no condition to be used as an actual laptop, and i don't technically own my phone, so that's a big issue if i do get kicked out, i NEED a computer to do any work for my patreon.

the rest will be used for transit and long-term financial support in the future; i know someone who would be willing to temporarily house me should the need to be re-located arise.

*i suspect my mom threw my face mask away behind my back, since she doesn't believe face masks do anything against the coronavirus.

if in the end it turns out i don't need these funds, i will be sure to give the money back to everyone who has donated, you have my word on that.

paypal.me/birbhorse (beware, deadname in there unfortunately)

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antifa, the known terrorist organization, as opposed to the proud boys which are just an idea and have no leader or organizational structure

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friend looking for work and a place to stay, ideally in the UK, please boost far and wide 

hi fediverse
a trans friend of mine (18yo) is stuck with an abusive family in london
she's looking for a way out, and needs a place to stay until she can afford her own
she knows about programming / ITsec, and IT in general
she's willing to relocate anywhere within the UK, preferentially around london
she does have some funds saved up and would be able to contribute to living costs

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the best way to hold white supremacists accountable is with guns, knives, and similarly lethal instruments

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uspol, twitter threads full of resources for people living in DC 

here's some threads for people who need help getting out of DC twitter.com/juzosuke/status/13

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I'm just glad none of the protesters took a knee, you know? that would have been the worst, the most extreme. if they had gotten down on one knee while the anthem was playing? fuck, i just shudder at the thought.

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the funniest thing is that with how documented this is, and how adamantly they refuse to wear masks, if we had an even mediocre facial recognition program we could make their lives a waking nightmare

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