added a new mechanic where you need to unscrew panels in order to access inventories \o/

it doesn't look like much, but i've been porting my inventory code over to rust and I finally got inventory switching to work. I'm almost done!

Implemented a simple character controller. There are items in those boxes, but I can't open them yet!

refactored my project and got rotation working more appropriately \o/

The cursor placement is weird, but I got picking up shapes and multiple inventories working c:

rotating, translating, and doing collision checking for 2d boolean arrays is kind of confusing but I think I'm finally getting there.

new wall geometry generator is working well, even in complex-ish cases c:

I committed this atrocity today... I'll fix it, I promise. *sweats profusely*

adding some rocks to the terrain. using unlit shading for now, will add in cel shading later

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