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adding some rocks to the terrain. using unlit shading for now, will add in cel shading later

(it's drying, i'll post pictures of it with components inside later. maybe.)

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literally 5 minutes after that phone call:
>be me, picking up a phone call
>someone asks if i'm mr. or mrs. lastname
>tell them i'm ms. lastname
>later they call me "sir"
>I correct them and tell them I'm ma'am
>they apologize and immediately hang up
spam calls are fun 🙃

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>be me, call a company
for some help with an order
>get called mr. lastname
>correct them and say it's ms. lastname
>they are very nice in correcting themselves
>a minute later they are calling me "sir"
>too tired to correct them


I understand "magic-dino-bones" sounds a little lewd but at least i didn't go for "magic-dino-boning", yeah?

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i took a short nap because i feel sick as heck and then my brain was like "what if you made a game about excavating magic dinosaur bones with your gay girlfriends" and i said "yes okay go on"

by the way, i also make music. I'll be releasing a new music album on the 22nd, but for now here's what I made last year

i made a painful game about negative experiences after coming out as transgender some time ago

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