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i have very little energy today despite getting some good sleep last night

now I need to make the compilation errors actually useful...

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Yesterday I successfully converted one of the scripts in a game I made to use the new compiler I wrote for Rumor and I'm still super jazzed about it. IT WORKS \o/

I want to work more on my games and tools, but some stuff happened and now i have no energy "OTL

The verified check mark won't appear next to my website in my profile and I don't know why :c

i like how apple music recapitalized VWVWV to Vwvwv as if that makes any sense

oh, and the better colors are due to suggestions from my friend pies

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adding some rocks to the terrain. using unlit shading for now, will add in cel shading later

(it's drying, i'll post pictures of it with components inside later. maybe.)

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