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i'd like to point out that i've been thinking about horseshoe crabs for several days now and i'm still thinking about them.

new wall geometry generator is working well, even in complex-ish cases c:

I committed this atrocity today... I'll fix it, I promise. *sweats profusely*

>whenever youtube decides to switch to closed captions in another language instead of auto-generated english

it's hard to encourage myself to keep going because i don't have any positive feedback. There are no comments, no follows, no favorites. It's an empty void, but I have to keep going. for myself.

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and would I even get any players from making that game? would they stick around long enough to become fans and see me release another game? doubtful.

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and I want to fucking finish the game but i doubt it would really even be the kind of game people would want to open their wallet for, much less even *find*

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part of my problem is that my mental health sucks so much that it makes it hard to get anything done, which is why I've been working on Access for like 3 years now

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sometimes i get the existential dread that everything i do is pointless and that I shouldn't be trying to make games.

the new input system in unity is. well. better? but some simple things are still hard to do it seems.

So many people applied that I'm using LibreOffice Calc to keep track of everyone @ A @

I am looking to hire a voice actor for Gender Dysphoria, a painful game about negative experiences after coming out as transgender that you can play for free right now ( DM me if you're interested!

> when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep

i had so much productive energy this morning and now i'm just tired and anxious - u -

getting back into learning japanese. maybe i should do french too...

*desire to move to canada increases*

Also it occurred to me that i could probably easily add time machine capabilities to Rumor, allowing you to go back in time and pick a different choice... which would be an amazing feature to have out of the box.

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