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I wrote a retrospective on the cancelled game Access, which I worked on for about four years.

As a Khmer person, hearing about this book on the radio last night was a little surreal and striking for me.

Small update for my skeletons. Most notably, after roughly 4 years of development I have decided to cancel Access. Retrospective coming soon.

crushing depression makes it hard to get things done

I finally finished cutting all the character VO for Gender Dysphoria today. Mental health sure is rough - u - ;;;

All these things are related to who I am as a person, and I feel like I have a lot of work ahead of me to both preserve these records for the future as well as to really understand what has been recorded before I can really make this game in earnest... Well, it will take a while.

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My sister will be bringing those cassette tapes from my parent's home so I can digitize them. Suddenly, I feel like there are so many things that I need to digitize before they are lost. Photos, slides, etc. It's a glimpse into a past that has affected who I am and I need to know

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One (perhaps seemingly unrelated) thing are the old cassette tapes that I used to listen to in the car as a kid. They're full of Cambodian music that is both beautifully nostalgic to me as well as mysterious. I don't know how my parents got them. I don't know who the artists are.

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I recently began to feel that I should make a game to explore my sense of self and connection with other people. I feel that I don't really talk much about myself, and I want to make this to express myself and share how I feel with other people in a way I can't do through tweets.

if you're wondering: no, i have not been able to make a nice sound with fm synthesis yet despite maybe understanding it a little better after a few hours of research.

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my night tonight: what the heck is fm synthesis and how do i use it to make a sound

i'd like to point out that i've been thinking about horseshoe crabs for several days now and i'm still thinking about them.

new wall geometry generator is working well, even in complex-ish cases c:

I committed this atrocity today... I'll fix it, I promise. *sweats profusely*

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