Traditional wind chime maker in west Japan rings in busy season amid virus changes

Kawachi Furin shop produces the chimes by blowing molten glass material from used bottles of alcoholic drinks, juice and similar products. Each wind chime is carefully crafted amid the refreshingly cool sounds of the chimes echoing throughout the workshop based in the city of Katano, Osaka Prefecture.

“Great Rains Sometimes Fall”

From August 3 - 7 is Japan’s microseason 36: 大雨時行 the time of year when when heat gives way to torrential downpours and evening showers. This is the final microseason of the summer but that doesn’t mean a reprieve from the heat quite yet. During this season...

Protein-rich 'tough' tofu strong enough to hang from string created by Japan food firm - The Mainichi

Geisha, maiko in Kyoto given clear fans instead of face shields as industry adapts to virus - The Mainichi -

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