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@humanetech @fedeproxy in the context of a CI, the goal is to not rely on any external service.

For instance if testing against GitLab, a full blown GitLab instance is setup when the test begins and destroyed when the test finishes. It costs CPU cycles but saves brain cells that would otherwise be wasted when the GitLab instance used for testing does not behave as expected for whatever reason.

Mastodon is evidently not trivially usable for that kind of end-to-end / integration testing.

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You chose a full-blown masto account, but you could also have used a gup.pe group.

#SocialHub is having one, called #ActivityPub for instance. You follow the #guppe account and each time it is tagged it'll forward to the timeline of all followers.

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is one person short for the interview analysis session on May 26th, 2021

If you belong to an under represented in tech, please consider joining. This is an IRL event (yes, that's still a thing 😜 ) in Paris, France.

Boost appreciated


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@cj the answer is in the go-fed repositories, sorry for the noise 😅

> An unofficial partially-automated test suite meant to approximate the official test suite at test.activitypub.rocks.


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@cj I see (part of ) has extensive testing which is great. I'm curious about your thoughts on end-to-end or integration testing for libraries or applications.

Something to replace the now defunct test.activitypub.rocks/ maybe? Or another approach?


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ah yes, I actually followed up on this toot on the #fedeproxy forum with a similar thought..


Being an intermediary FedeProxy might completely hide forking, cloning, PR'ing and just offer browse / edit / save / revert or something like that. And a nice markdown editor for which there's plenty of choice.

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This #Fedeproxy is something we may need to look into! Anything that makes life easier for adhoc development is good.

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is a core value of the project and, as a member of the community, I take the very seriously.

It is the first step a project can make to declare that all under represented groups are welcome. And it is specially important when they are still in their bootstrap phase.


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First monthly meeting today, great discussions on federation, including interviews, , , technical infrastructure & :🐙

More informattion at forum.fedeproxy.eu/t/fedeproxy

If you missed it and want to catch up next month, save the date: May 27th 2021, 3:30 PM GMT+1 forum.fedeproxy.eu/t/fedeproxy


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