@fedeproxy becomes @forgefriends ... because it is a name that better reflects the purpose of the project: bridging the gap between

If you're interested to know more about the idea and the process that led to this change, it's all there:


A round of applause to @humanetech who came up with this nice name 👏

@dachary @fedeproxy Important note: international online events MUST always be announced in UTC. Not everybody knows what is Paris time (or US-specific times).

It's today, 📆 5pm Paris time! One hour videoconference to learn and discuss ✨ How difficult can it be to break free from ?


Boost appreciated 🚀

is still a dream... but it's becoming a reality. Today is the @fedeproxy monthly update, open to everyone: join to share ideas and learn about the progress made in the past few weeks.

🇫🇷 Simultaneous translation from French to English will be available.

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I do like the idea of not having to master gitea just to use it, worry about updating, backups, etc, so there is clearly always an important role for things like codeberg. If federated gitea becomes more like mastodon, with instances formed around communities of common interests, that seems even better.

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Not at all.Having a local instance is also useful to me for some things, and its not very hard to setup or maintain. Having lived at extended times with no connectivity at all, it is also a useful stand-by.

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Ok, take it as a too impulsive action, but I got a domain and I installed #Gitea on it.

In the next few days I will be migrating my repositories!


@fedeproxy monthly update is 📆 November 18th, 5pm Paris time and open to everyone.

* Software Development
* Diversity
* Collaboration with , etc.
* Communication and Branding
* Transparency and funding

🇫🇷 Simultaneous translation from French to English will be available.


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IMHO self-hosting a personal Gitea instance a great idea 😍 I offered my first hand experience co-maintaining a modest Gitea public instance because that's all I know.

Managing a personal Gitea instance is going to be less work, in particular because you don't have to worry about moderation.

@gitea @techknowlogick @dachary @fedeproxy What I miss the most in Gitea (and the reason I prefer Gitlab) is syndication. Is it planned?

@yunohost @techknowlogick @gitea @fedeproxy @dachary @forgefed

This is good to know. No worries, thank you very much. Sorry if I asked, but I am very impatient, even if I am not even a developer.

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Actually, I was considering to host a gitea instance for myself only, at tommi@git.tommi.space… is it a dumb idea?

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As a co-maintainer of a Gitea instance with a hundred users or so I can testify it is not a lot of work (a few hours a month on average, moderation included). If you're not happy with such a sysadmin overhead, codeberg (or any other publicly open Gitea instance) will be a better fit.


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There is no ETA. I'm happily working on code and it will be ready when it is ready 😜 I'm not fast but I'm persistent.


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Still, I am conflicted… should I self-host or should I rely on @codeberg?

If source code hosting eventually becomes federated, it will not make much of a difference, nevertheless, #Codeberg has a huge appeal. I don’t really know.

Any tips or suggestions? Articles I could read?

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GREAT! Finding out this toot is making me seriously think about finally packing up my stuff in #GitHub, and switching to a #Gitea instance, self-hosted via #Yunohost.

I know it is a lot to ask, but is there an ETA for the implementation of full federation?

#ForgeFed #federation #ActivityPub #git #fedeproxy


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