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This is my alt account for @ferds

I am a professional drummer, music lover, Scientist trained as a Computational Chemist, I dabble with Linux. I love dogs. And post occasional funny/cute dog pic.
I post about day to day stuff, share cool Science related news and such.
Big Lover of beer, so photos of beer might also happen. I share funny pics now and then.

Calling all #Canadians
I am moving to your country real soon and would love to meet some cool humans #masto #friends

Retoot at own discretion.

I thank you kindly.

Instead of posting stuff on #Twitter and then having a bot or something link it here, why not post a #Toot here and then have a bot crosspost it to Twitter? That way we get the original post and people on #Birdsite get to say, "Hey, what's this #Fediverse stuff I'm seeing all the time now?"

What was that show Fran Drescher starred in? The Nanny?
Man, that show was such a big part of my youth, I used to love that show.

Anyone watched it recently?

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend - Appropriate Hate Crimes - Drum Playthrough #Zildjian #drums #mapex

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