Looking for Scientists and or Music Lovers/Musicians on Mastodon?

Please boost for visibility.

@ferdi Ah cool. I love music and am a musician, but I find myself building recording equipment these days, so I post about that when I have the cash to build things. Otherwise I post about my other geeky hobbies.

@Ricardus That's awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you build :)

@ferdi This will be in my API 312 clone called the ML12. Here's a test fit of all the parts on the correct size enclosure. I should be able to order the custom panels and 1U enclosure next week to finish it up.

@Ricardus @ferdi Rad set up!! I may have to do something similar soon

@DoctorDeathray Well, you could go the rack mount route like that, or the 500 series route. I've done both.

@Ricardus I'm likely wanting to go rack mount, as I haven't dived into 500 series quite yet, and know it's gonna be a whole rabbit whole when I do haha

@DoctorDeathray It's a tradeoff. Once you have your 500 rack you have I/O and the power supply, then you just have to build the modules and plug them in. Rack mount means you gotta do the PSU and the I/O. But 500 is cool because there's a lot available DIY and commercially.

@ferdi It's basically equivalent to this from API, but my panel design is more elegant than this ugly API design, and since I built it from scratch it will be much less money than this one from API (but lots of my time).

@ferdi so you’re looking for plutonium or Pantera ? 👀

@ferdi @AlohaPilgrim

Then you might be interested in my aNONradio show, "A Step Farther Out", in wihch plutonium comes up more than occasionally and incidentally.

Music lover here. Interested since my youth in goth music and its subgenres. I toot music regularly.

I'm an amateur musician plus music lover. Does this here count as Mastodon? Sorry, new to the Fediverse thing...

@ferdi maybe check

@ferdi I am a musician (guitar, bass & mandolin).
Too bad im on Pleroma and not Mastodon tho... hue heh
:blobgiggle: jks

@ferdi I'm a biology undergrad with some research experience, my work with school is being a booker/promoter, running a DIT venue with an art collective I co-founded in 2018 and hosting a radio show about grassroots music and culture in my country


Enjoy! :)
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@ferdi computational biologist (rarely post about) and bandcamp fan (won’t shut up about)

I recently had a synesthesia experience hearing chemical functional groups as harmonies.

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