Trying to buy a degoogled, refurbished phone in Canada. Any tips on where I can do this?


@ferdi this might be the opposite of helpful but i think lineageos and /e/ both have lists of compatible phones, maybe look there and cross-reference with what's available on sites like swappa and backmarket?? (no idea if those sites ship to canada tho tbh!!)

@ferdi sorry i just realized that's assuming ur ok with having to do the degoogling urself!! also lineage and /e/ aren't the only options but i'm sure basically any custom android rom will have a compatibility list??

@ferdi @e_mydata / @murena also sells phones, including Canada: with the Murena One being the most interesting from a quick glance if you don't care about repairability 🤔

@ferdi there are no real options compared to Europe or even the US unfortunately. I'm holding out for a Morena one @murena Currently they are out of stock:(

Besides that, the best option would be to get a used pixel and flash it yourself

@ferdi Perhaps ironically, Google Pixels can be installed with #GrapheneOS, which can be a "degoogled" experience (and even if you do install the Play Store on GrapheneOS — which you don't have to — it ends up being sandboxed and subject to user-set permissions like any application, rather than having the special status it does on Android-based OSes usually).

GrapheneOS is very easy to install, not like a usual Android "ROM" - so even if you're not usually comfortable installing OSes on mobile, this means you don't really need to buy a "pre-flashed" phone because it's straightforward.

@emacsomancer @ferdi
Fellow Canadian here. I did this with an unlocked Pixel 4a. Had GrapheneOS installed, on my first try, within 5 minutes. Easy as pie.

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