This short 8 minute presentation by @bmann on how Fission aims to be a Constellation Provider from way back in Aug 2019 is worth a look (at @1kxnetwork decentralized storage summit)

"In 2007, 50% of traffic on the Internet was p2p -- BitTorrent"

Will edge networks and 5G flip this? We're going to need @IPFS in native mobile apps to hit those numbers.

In the meantime, our SDK is the only serverless, native read/write over IPFS in browser.

Thanks to @trailmarks for resurfacing this video in our Discord chat

We always appreciate your cheerleading!

@bmann i just watched again, man it's sooo badass! i wanna talk to that guy 👊

@rosano ha! Thanks man! I was pretty happy looking back at this. Found some allies like you along the way, more to build. Onwards! 👊

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