's Super Heavy rocket returns to launch pad

The "Booster 7" Super Heavy rocket prototype moved to a launch pad at Starbase, SpaceX's South Texas facility, overnight on Friday (Aug. 5) for testing, which is apparently happening today (Aug. 8).

SpaceX is working to get Booster 7 and its Starship upper-stage spacecraft ready for the program's first-ever orbital test flight, which the company aims to launch in the next few months.

src: space.com/spacex-starship-supe


Starship includes a first-stage booster, Super Heavy, and an upper stage vehicle called Starship that is 50 meters tall. 

When fully stacked, Starship and Super Heavy stand 120 m tall, making the combination the world's tallest rocket. SpaceX plans to use the stacked system to send humans and cargo to the moon for NASA, then move on to Mars. 

src: space.com/spacex-starship-supe

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