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Looking to Power Surface Exploration on the Moon on This Week NASA – June 24, 2022

Artemis 1 won't have to conduct another wet dress rehearsal before it lifts off.

NASA has reviewed the data from the rehearsal and determined the testing is complete. The agency will roll SLS and Orion back to the VAB next week to prepare the rocket and spacecraft for launch and repair a leak detected during the most recent rehearsal.

NASA plans to return SLS and Orion to the pad for launch in late August.


Another landing locale may have just opened up for Sierra Space's Dream Chaser space plane.

For the first time a small rocket will launch a private spacecraft to the moon

NASA and Rocket Lab are gearing up to fly a novel mission to lunar orbit

It is scheduled to launch on an Electron rocket as early as Saturday

"It's demonstrating access to the Moon for a small spacecraft on a small rocket. It's really pushing the envelope as a commercially owned spacecraft operating at the Moon."


Scott Manley - 3 SpaceX Launches in 36 Hours - Launchapalooza 2022 - Deep Space Updates June 21st.

Small nuclear reactor for moon missions: NASA orders three concepts
Two US companies and a Joint Venture are each to develop a first draft for a nuclear reactor for NASA, which is to be used on the moon.

South Korea's homegrown Nuri rocket launches satellites into orbit for 1st time
It's a big milestone for the nation, which has big space ambitions.

NASA's Mars InSight lander will risk earlier shut down to squeeze out a little more science
The seismometer might keep working through September.

BepiColombo is only supposed to swing into an orbit around Mercury in 2025, until then it will slow down several times on the planet. Now it was there for the second time.
BepiColombo: ESA probe again passed Mercury

Ariane 5 rocket launches 2 communications satellites to orbit from South America

A European heavy-lift rocket launched two communications satellites to orbit from South America on Wednesday evening (June 22).

An Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket lifted off from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana on Wednesday at 5:50 p.m.

The Ariane 5 — the same type of rocket that launched NASA's James Webb Space Telescope on Dec. 25, 2021.

NASA finally fully fueled its massive moon rocket on Monday, but a hydrogen leak forced the agency to cut short a simulated countdown, and it is not clear when the agency might attempt to launch the rocket for the first time.

NASA officials said they needed to look at the data before making a decision about whether to attempt a fifth test, known as a “wet dress rehearsal,” or to proceed to a launch attempt.


Watch Starlink Mission 4-19 Falcon 9 Launch

On Friday SpaceX successfully launched another set of their latest Starlink internet satellites aboard a Falcon 9 rocket into low-Earth orbit from Kennedy Space Center, Florida. This marks the 13th flight for this particular Falcon 9 booster, setting a new reuse record for SpaceX.

Anton Petrov - Begins an Official UFO Investigation - Here's What We Know (and I think)

Ingenuity made its 29th flight, which was the first of the winter season on Mars. The drone flew 179 meters in 66.6 seconds, proving that it is able to fully operate in low temperatures:

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