When you're surprised that your engine uses the lightest oil on the market 

0W0 what's this?

Oh I love technology. Love pushing buttons, twisting dials, pulling levers, flipping switches, you name it. Yessiree, I'm a real tech head, as they say.

Listening to beeps and hoops, looking at numbers scroll across the display? Can't get enough of that stuff!

First because people don't seem to care unless they feel personally at risk. All talk at the beginning of the pandemic about flattening the curve because we must protect our neighbors, went right out the window when people started saying "I'm vaxxed and boosted, covid won't kill me." Once people felt like they were not personally in mortal danger from covid, the masks literally came off.

And second, because rich countries will get completely demolished by climate change. They are not safe.

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Often people say things about how rich countries and people are creating environmental problems that the poorer people and countries will suffer worse than them, framing it as a "rich people are careless and they fuck over the poor who suffer instead of them" issue.

That's kind of right I think. Wealth will protect the rich a lot. But it also tells people in rich countries "You'll be ok, others will suffer, not you." You'll feel bad but you'll be fine.

I think this is disastrously wrong lol

I'm watching American Gods and it's better than you'd think, given the name.

Hmm now that I just followed ~200 people I should probably set up my profile huh


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