Today's video shared on PeerTube is 'Socrates Is Not Your Real Name' - our debut 'single' from our first EP back in 2014. Always a fun one to play live, though we've come a long way since we recorded this.

Today's PeerTube upload is 'Fabric Lughole Systems' - this was the first track on our second EP, Overexposed:

We're going to be sharing some of our videos on PeerTube this week - leading up to a special showing of a full length film at the weekend. Today we're sharing the video to the lead track on our debut album, Abdanoned Glow. This is 'Great Divisions':

An post from us - we're a three piece hauntronica / electronic rock / horror prog band, based in the North West of England. We've had two albums and two EPs out and are just putting the finishing touches to our third album.

You can check out the journey so far on our bandcamp: