Okies, I think I've bought all my 'I can reasonable steal from my budget' budget will allow for this #BandcampFriday

If you wanna throw coin at me (bandcamp link in profile), or better yet, these fine people listed below, you should do it in the next 12 hours or so while we get max profits

Thank you @flangecircus , @c_reider , and @NegativeOhio for the awesome work in the music you created, which I now have copies of~

It’s now officially BandCamp Friday, so go support those who make cool tunes~

It doesn’t have to be me by any means. There’s a lot of people right now worse off than I am and who are more talented than me.

But for those that wanna help and believe in my music, thank you from the bottom of my cold metal heart!

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Shameless Self-Promotion Alert 

It's #BandcampFriday Where Bandcamp, an online music store primarily for independent musicians, does not take its sales percentage through the site for 24 hours. All sales made during that time would go directly to the artists.

Today's video is a special showing of the full length Rural Eerie film released in 2020. Originally a live event, performed in Oct 2019 at The Peer Hat in Manchester, as part of the Gothic Manchester Festival 2019 bit.ly/2XF8kKB

Each of the poets and writers gave us keywords from their writing and the band then crafted individualised soundscapes befitting their work

We later recorded the album and made this film - enjoy!


If you'd like to support us by purchasing the Rural Eerie album,it's available on Bandcamp (and its Bandcamp Friday today, yay!)

I put together some shorter audio pieces from the past two years. They are mostly experiments using the computer or a self-built instrument. Two of the pieces were made using FFmpeg and Bash only. One piece (nn, n, nn) is a result from Databending. Two other tracks are electromagnetic field recordings. It is a mix of Power-Cut-Ups, sizzling noise and other electronic sounds.


Today's video shared on PeerTube is 'Socrates Is Not Your Real Name' - our debut 'single' from our first EP back in 2014. Always a fun one to play live, though we've come a long way since we recorded this.


Today's PeerTube upload is 'Fabric Lughole Systems' - this was the first track on our second EP, Overexposed:


A more solid .

I'm Bon. I run High Peak Recordings - a music studio in Derbyshire, UK.

I'm interested in connecting with people who are into , , and anything related (art, experiments, etc.). I love .

I play in @flangecircus and Zirkus. Former = haunted electronic rock music. Latter = spooked out drone (with @PeterPotato)

I like walking in hills. I love cats. I hate Tories.


We're going to be sharing some of our videos on PeerTube this week - leading up to a special showing of a full length film at the weekend. Today we're sharing the video to the lead track on our debut album, Abdanoned Glow. This is 'Great Divisions':


An post from us - we're a three piece hauntronica / electronic rock / horror prog band, based in the North West of England. We've had two albums and two EPs out and are just putting the finishing touches to our third album.

You can check out the journey so far on our bandcamp: flangecircus.bandcamp.com

So this is my first toot (?). Here's a nice picture of the studio to celebrate.

Drone Day this year is Saturday, May 28. Make some drone music for the world.


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