I don’t really understand the tech obsession with giving your teams “fun” names. Why can’t the team name just be what the team does?


@Ornella 🥹 there’s so little joy to grasp on to these days.

@fly00gemini8712 haha okay. Personally I don’t like it, because it makes it difficult to understand who does what, what’s a project and what’s a team, and since when Starship became Snowball… but point taken. Let me let people have fun 😅

@Ornella oh no that’s excessive. The example I was going to give was a team that ended up with the acronym CAOS “chaos” (but not any chaos eng approach), then got a sister team so they had to change their acronym to match the new structure ESSD and ESSS (or something boring like that).

Those names sound like a mix of ego and “pizza party” type superficial rewards. Ha

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