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I might be the first human being on the planet to ever use a search engine to look for "SCART rackmount modular panel".

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I want to stay still and do nothing but I want to keep moving.

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The wave of anxiety that happens after you do a big/medium thing and have to keep doing more things.

There was some study that analyzed “healthy” and long lasting relationships and the most prevalent factor in “success” was something along the lines of “assume best of intentions” but also described further as being entirely and grossly into your partner. The reminder of the luck and appreciation is chicken and egg.

I am so incredibly lucky to get to make memories with this person.

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One time me and my fiancée did ✨ and went to this dive bar club on House night and I must have confirmed that “I got your 6” a dozen times that night, a phrase I think I may have never said myself. Idk I was stuck on loop. Lol

Now we say it all the time. Today she said she’s “got my 6” bc she found my glasses.

in a good mood. happily hating things. at peace.

I enjoy that before they made Geordi chief engineer they gave him a HUGE episode where he saved the entire ship from near certain disaster and rescued Picard and Riker off planet running for their lives from a killing machine.

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The point is to engage on the socials to feel seen. Then all of a sudden I feel too seen and I’m repulsed by more interactions than I’m not. It’s clearly a me problem. App is functioning as designed.

@Ornella oh no that’s excessive. The example I was going to give was a team that ended up with the acronym CAOS “chaos” (but not any chaos eng approach), then got a sister team so they had to change their acronym to match the new structure ESSD and ESSS (or something boring like that).

Those names sound like a mix of ego and “pizza party” type superficial rewards. Ha

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help a black lesbian secure housing!

"I moved out Saturday after receiving only 30 days notice from my apartment complex. Thank you to everyone that’s helped so far! This month I need help to pay for credit cards, utilities and a hotel stay. I need at least $3000 to cover these costs."


@Ornella 🥹 there’s so little joy to grasp on to these days.

The 5th of May is a good reason to patron my neighbor’s restaurant that we eat at least twice a month and add some tequila to my Agua de Jamaica.

Marxist Lenninst beefing with Communist Anarchists in the comment section and I’m just like …

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trying to get myself out of bed by repeating “come on barbie, let’s go party” in increasingly strange voices


Heroku incident 

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This appears to be the worst-case scenario: compromise of Heroku’s own core database. I’m afraid this is going to continue to get worse. I won’t be surprised if env vars got popped too.


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