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Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

Mira thinks she runs faster than me. She might -- but we'll never know because she cheats and I maintain that I could have won otherwise.

Tell me why we're both laughing at the idea of our definitive race being down the aisle at our wedding. 💀


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last time abortion and sodomy were illegal local police departments led by wide-eyed mouth-breathing white supremacist yahoos did not have NSA-level surveillance equipment, given by bipartisan consensus, to enforce those bans

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13-Even if most of the hotel was saved from the flames, and really few clients died, it never regain popularity.

14-Acted in 1968, the law on "non destructive habitable extension" was an experiment on consolidation of the urban space.
Seen as a policy failure, it was nevertheless a time of enthusiastic architectural experimentation.

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Favorite #Android #Mastodon client?

Please #boost and respond with your thoughts 😁

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From the outset the Crystal Gems give Steven the opportunity to rise to the occasion without shame and in his own “Steveny” way.

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I’ll do my hair and slowly chip away at the work I couldn’t focus on today.

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Because every time folks try y'all call them "looters" and cheer for the police to stomp them out.


When you’ve been avoiding the mirror and then ruin your own mood catching your reflection.

I love Greg’s character arc. Always a well-meaning dad but is a legit mess. s1e2

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write a line of code 
vehemently research 2015 marriage equality maps
look up my s3 instance
text my mom a 2015 map
write a query
chat my PA realtor
like a tweet
cry a little
order dessert for lunch
stare at code

@jonafato right! And in the context of everything it’s all so cute.

*steven throws mini fridge*
“Now available no where”

Just booked the appointment to go view wedding rings at our favorite jeweler.

Watching because I need some comfort food. And it works starting it during AAPI heritage month because there’s a bunch of Asian representation

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