Signal could've just as easily used Qt as Electron

- me, in 2021

Fun fact: I found out about Mastodon through because I wanted to learn more about Tootle by @bleakgrey

My linux laptop is nearly perfect
No speaker or keyboard backlight but everything else works
For my next laptop prob gonna get an xps dev version

For the love of god people stop using electron
I dont want to use signal because of its crap desktop app made with electron
Same with whatsapp, telegram, element, rocketchat, vscode, atom...

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PipeWire is like that XKCD comic about standards except it actually does cover everyone's use case.

heyo i should be doing homework but **adventure**

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Israel says they're gonna keep killing until Palestinians are quiet

The Palestinians I know will never be quiet, and so neither will I

Someday soon, from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

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If only the passion for anti-telemetry in #Audacity could expand rapidly into all of surveillance capitalism. Unfortunately the sophists and bootlickers are numerous.

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the feeling when 

phone or computer addiction

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