signed up for @codeberg today 😻️ future with only is possible :)

@foreverxml but i'm dreaming of an activitypub-driven federation for gitea-software, to host my own server, and cn do pull-requests to forked repos on other servers... @codeberg

But not the most convenient, especially for reviews etc ...

Gitea as a federated Git forge, that was really awesome.
@jakob @foreverxml

@codeberg @werwolf @jakob Yeah, gitea needs federation. It could even use activitypub! Now that would be cool. :blobcattea: :blobmiou:

There are some open issues for this where ideas are collected, but this is a lot of work. It would be nice if some people could come up with an initial proof-of-concept implementation where others can build upon to speed this up.

If someone is interested, feel free to chat with the Gitea maintainers about this.
@werwolf @jakob

@codeberg @werwolf @jakob Yeah. That would be best, it would take a ton of work!

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