It's not going well for in Germany. Apparently, they just passed a law that forces telecom companies to inject spyware into communications of **all** users, not just the ones suspected of illegal conduct. In other words, they legalized mass surveillance.

Link in German. I couldn't find an English version. If you find one, please link it below.

@foreverxml yeah some US companies might already be doing this but there's no law forcing all companies to do it. So users still have the choice go with less invading options.

@ilyess Would @Tutanota be considered a telecom company? I don't want to lose a great email provider.

@foreverxml you're right, I don't think would be considered a telecom company but since they provide encrypted communication services I assumed they would need to abide by the same law imposed on telecom companies. They'll probably keep their E2E channels but inject spyware to give untethered access to the government. Some users might be ok with that. Others certainly won't. I hope we'll hear soon from @tutanota on this subject.

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