Personally I think that Tutanota is better than PGP email. Yes, the desktop app is Electron (wish it wasn't) but the encryption...amazing :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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@foreverxml How do you mark all as read on Tutanota? I have so many unread emails and I don't know how to mark them as read! :(



I did a shift and selected all the emails, then marked them all and unread by mistake, and then marked them all as read again :). Works, thanks.

@foreverxml isn't tutanota already backdoored by the German government or did it not come to pass?

The encryption can be “amazing” but if Tutanota adds backdoors then it’s also amazingly worthless:

On a serious note last time I checked Tutanota used the same algos PGP used years ago:

Of course they said that they could add better crypto but it just didn’t happen:

Tutanota’s only real strong point is nice UX but the same could be added on top of PGP — see ProtonMail. Note that some security people consider in-browser cryptography to be inherently insecure:

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