Oh you know what, moving to mstdn to be closer to cats and our dear friend @stux :polarbear:

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Also, need all the Fosstodon emojis to convince me to >> go over

I mean I love mastodon.online but mstdn has more cats :cate:

Should I switch instances?

@Dee I really hope nobody has to use Github, ever. Mostly because Michaelsoft and proprietary GH :ablobcatcry: :cate:

Tip: use a rel="me" in your a pointing to https://{instance website}/@{your username} to have a checkmark on it on Mastodon.

Hehe my mom was getting a bathroom redone for 30k USD (too much), payed 50% down, and ALL of it was used for personal uses. Smh. We know a buisness partner for this scammer and 10k USD mysteriously dissapeared from the account. And it's taking too long...
So people who live in , NEVER conduct buisness with CES Interiors...
(Spread this to every person living in Denver that you know... prevent scams)

fucking police/bastards + violence 

A picture says a thousand words?
Sure as fuck it does.
Free us.
Fuck 12.

Thank god for censorship-free platforms. Here I can say "fuck the cops" without being arrested. And fuck the cops, by the way.

@psiie @strawberryfieldsforever I'm unsure about Proton: I know Tutanota uses a modified version with encrypted subjects and PFS.

Personally I think that Tutanota is better than PGP email. Yes, the desktop app is Electron (wish it wasn't) but the encryption...amazing :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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