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hölp I only know HTML CSS and JS and not important stuff like, let's say, Java or Vala or any GTK anything :cate:


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@mattmadness Wow. Tusky and Tootle fan here, but that looks great for terminal users. I dont exactly use the terminal a ton, except for commits to my website :blobcatcoffee:

Trying out @briar . Send me your address and we can chat together. I will post mine in a comment.

@bleakgrey whow
good, except FAR too flat
(looked hrough thread
apparently nearly everyone thinks
it's too flat)

Exception in thread "main" page.codeberg.foreverxml.Life
  at page.codeberg.foreverxml.Life.cardiacMuscle(,147,321)
  at page.codeberg.foreverxml.Life.neuronMemory(,294,957,956,237)
  at page.codeberg.foreverxml.Life.swallowing(,938)

@ilyess Would @Tutanota be considered a telecom company? I don't want to lose a great email provider.

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anyone know any good web web clients that are not :cwy: with touch controls? need one soon because my map broke :(

*accidentally clicks federated tab*
blllUGH disgusting 😵️
*goes back to home*

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