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Profanity, anger 

You know what? Fuck trade, fuck the US, fuck everything. Start new without the fucking bullshit of this world.


People are like "the us is AMAZING." But a ton of people are homeless or live in ghettos like Desire, New Orleans or Globeville, Denver, with Superfund sites. Fuck you USA.

My dad and grandmother now use, success!

Stop your hecking bird site things i DONT FUCKING CARE about anyone on twitter and don't really care about what they say. Sorry. Twitter can be burnt.

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bunt if you Have A Problem™ please Call us at micresof Widnows .space to acs Question About Winowb® and gat hilep 🤩️

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we are prenting Nicrosotht Wideos, operating system that is good For privacy and is Not backdoored By the fbi at all Enjoy. is Very Secure™ and Completely® private so you do not Need to Worry about us steal Ing your datab 😃️

Briar or signal?

Should I change my pfp?

My family SMSs me pics. Or I think, because they never ever load, ever. And when they load they are pixelated. Please please PLEASE wormhole them to me.

Im on Codeberg: @foreverxml
And making a project: beamer
If you want to help me and cant pay through or LBRY, go ahead and help me here. :)

Description of image because I forgot to add it: A page on Element Android that appears when you have not joined any rooms, with an "Add Room" button. There are 4 placeholder names with placeholder white rectangles, 2 plaveholder rectangles for chat texts, 1 typing indicator, and 2 visible 😍 emojis.

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Anyone know any good payment services for FOSS?

Stupid ever given ship holding all my isolated application deployment systems 🙄🙄. Also wht did a whale take my shipping containers 🐋 :welp: ?

I am in the same room as a zoom meeting with a juudan in shotokan karate. Aaaaa

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