Well... I got suspended from facebook again... 😅 I really need to stop arguing with conservatives in the comments section of news posts 😂

2021 Impeachment Trial 

It's not civil dumbass, You were laughed at because you're an idiot spouting off civil process when we're in an impeachment trial. Civil process is irrelevant.

If paying the livable wage would hurt your business then you're not running a successful business.


Did you hear about that building that collapsed? The architect intentionally put a design defect in it.


Osama bin Laden didn't fly the planes. Was he innocent?

Charles Manson didn't kill anyone. Was he innocent?

Hitler didn't operate the camps. Was he innocent?

Donald Trump didn't storm the Capitol. That doesn't make him innocent.


The rioters swarmed through the Capitol chanting "This is our house!" Really? Do you break the windows in your house and throw garbage everywhere?

Things we need to incorporate into our educational systems

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