Dammit @Windows why are you constantly screwing with my browser settings. Stop it.

Thinking about deploying a fediverse social site for my hometown as an alternative to NextDoor... Any recommendations?

As far as the Facebook story, I think the perfect solution, or at least the best solution that we can implement, is requiring Facebook to support federated distribution of content.

Add support for ActivityPub like the Fediverse, it allows for decentralized social media.

If I'm on Mastodon I should still be able to follow someone on Facebook using my Mastodon account. Same vice versa, and same for any other independent platform as well.

It’s official: I’ve now captured, sealed, and stored the first core sample ever drilled on another planet, in a quest to return samples to Earth. It’s the first in a one-of-a-kind Martian rock collection. #SamplingMars

Read more: go.nasa.gov/3zKRdaV

How do I block an entire instance? I'm getting real tired of conspiracy theorist crap in my feed. I'm trying to stop engaging in those nutjob posts and it's always from the same instance so fuck it 😅

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I really home @home_assistant@twitter.com supports styling by I just got the android 12 beta installed, and the updated styling is pretty awesome in Google apps, but it needs 3rd party app support to really pull it off.

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Okay but... how much does it cost?

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Imagine a magic window, and through that window you see another person, life-size and in three dimensions.

Project Starline is a technology project that combines advances in hardware and software to help people feel like they're together, even when they're apart.

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please make an installer to install into any machine. I don't get these android integration new features in @neverware@twitter.com 's chrome os installer :(

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Who is this guy, and why he is playing this dumb character?? What even is this? @GoogleIO@twitter.com

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Let's have a conversation with a paper airplane.

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I truly believe that good cops exist. But if we have any hopes of meaningful police reform, the good ones gotta break through whatever brotherhood bullshit they’ve been brainwashed by and start speaking up.

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Some schools are trying to get rid of snow days and replace them with distance learning. It's a crime against childhood! We cannot let this stand! youtube.com/watch?v=-FBwZtuJtM

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I've finally got my daily report sensors fully working in @SenaryMog@twitter.com, thanks @home_assistant@twitter.com! Next step, calculating my @Spotify@twitter.com bill's effective per hour rate :D

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Did you know that it’s actually possible for you to say, “I don’t know enough about this to have an opinion”

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