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Let's stream Joe Biden's Town Hall on every device we own, let's make sure that Cult45 can't have the ratings bragged that we know he's going to try to have.

I had an idea on the way home listening to a radio ad for , I think I should add a job board to is that something that a shop local website could benefit from? Or maybe set it up as a sister site rather than have it on the same website?

oops i'm watching the debate 

biden tends to sound uncertain about what he's saying bc he takes the time to actually recall something true before speaking

whereas his opponent comes off quite confident bc he's unbothered by incidental falsehoods

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I see we're all watching this , and oh boy... what an event... I'm not sure how I feel about it all. As someone who wanted to vote for , this performance definitely made me like more.

This debate made 45 look like my abusive step father.

This debate made Biden look like the adult in the room.

Woah how am I already rank #277 on !? Nice! contributions have never been easier. I'll finish mapping eventually and is going to make this way easier.

If you're a customer's regularly get better discounts than your employees can get You need to rethink your business model to value your employees better.

It's so strange listening to Christian talk radio... I don't understand how they don't hear themselves sounding like cult leaders complaining about people becoming educated...

I know that there are certain situations where you're in a pinch and you do the best you can at the moment, but when it happens 3 weeks in a row....

If you're paying me in quarters and I'm delivering this to your door, your tip better be more than a dollar. Your tip better be better than what you would tip if you were paying in cash. Otherwise you're just insulting me.

I'm sorry, but I won't be back until you apologize about this. This was scummy and it SHOULD be illegal.

Here's Cory's office numbers.

People in #Colorado should give him a call and remind him.

(719) 543-1324
(719) 632-6706
(303) 391-5777
(970) 245-9553
(970) 352-5546
(970) 484-3502
(970) 848-3095
(970) 259-1231
(202) 224-5941

So... is offering people money to deactivate their accounts during the for some research study.

@Gargron is getting listed in keybase identity proofs like is? I'm assuming you'd be the one to ask about that.

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