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Alan Kay: "Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible."

The Go Language Designers: "To reverse a string, you'll need 20 lines of dense, unreadable copypasta from Stack Overflow, which breaks horribly if the string is any encoding other than UTF-8. hell no we won't put it in stdlib"

Improvised a really tasty solo guitar piece... doing my best Sunn O))) and David Torn combination:


Another horrible customer experience. Yet another horrible customer service experience.

Why aren't we as a species starting to have conversations about decentralized supply chain replacements? Something more . Social media is great and all, but when the supply chain breaks, we're in trouble.

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Create your own programming languages, stay ahead of the AI.

Vintage. From the literal first days when we were trying to figure out what LOLcats wanted to be, and icanhascheeseburger wasn't even a thing yet.

Working on migrating some storage over to a new NAS, and realized that I have literally the most epic, vintage collection of LOLcats on the planet.

Boost it if you love LOLcats.

(also: )

Worked on getting my HDRI pipeline back up and running today. While I had the fisheye lens on the camera, I popped a few shots to play with... I like this one.

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"We’ve worked at companies like YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, DigitalOcean, and GitHub, always focused on solving the same problem — database scaling."

Sigh. Nothing should "planet scale". Helping companies grow into huge internet behemoths is the polar opposite of what we need. This is just gross.

#smalltech #decentralization


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I actually hate how k8s is just "accepted" as the solution for container orchestration. Like it's not the only way but even in some providers' interface, they alias "Cluster" with it.

I really sometimes just hate how four companies can dictate what the world uses. And people go with it without thinking because it's a form of job security

Finished up the new keyboard platform today. Sprayed the last (6th) coat of clear poly on it earlier in the week. Today sanded from 600->2000 grit, followed by 2500 grit Mirlon pad, followed by 5 rounds of increasingly fine machine polishing pads with 3M Perfect-It compound.

Installed it a few minutes ago. It's delightful.


Here's the latest, updated model (including all of the current parts) of the workstation console prototype. Cranked up the transparency to show all the geometry.


Here's the first photo of the proper keyboard platform for my workstation console. The version that's on there now is just a placeholder. This new version is CNC milled out of rough-cut Black Limba. Leaving the machining marks on it from face-milling the stock.

This photo was taken after the first coat. Will end up with 6 coats total, and then polished to look like glass. Should be a pretty nice piece.


And here's a wider shot of the whole back side. 😎

Still need to iterate on the monitor power supply card, and the usb mount card. And I also need to machine the front and back covers. Should be done this week!

It's super comfortable to work in front of. Everything is in just the right spot with just the right angles.


Still poking at getting the "cable management backplane" worked out for my workstation console. Today I made an "egress card" designed to anchor and provide strain relief for the power, USB, and displayport connections back to the workstation. They get trunked together and covered with wire loom.

After 6 months with FreeCAD, I can pretty much just let my imagination go wild and I don't have to think about how to execute. Love FreeCAD!


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