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I think original and innovative work with a small audience has a much bigger impact than derivative work with a large audience

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The fediverse today trying to explain to newcomers where they are.

Been working on this because it's a necessary and important piece of infrastructure for me to get a regular update stream going on my next-generation music software, and all of my other projects.

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Remember the content framework I've been developing, "capsule"? I've updated the README in the repository with the latest thinking:


Making really good progress. Weeks away from new websites and a new, lightweight, extensible content management workflow.

Would love to hear from folks looking for a flexible, modern indieweb-compatible content workflow.

This screenshot is the current generation of my music environment, Ciix. Making music tonight.

The software is at an evolutionary point where it needs a re-design and a re-build. I think I might work through that in the open this time (for v9), both here and on my new website. I think I'm building something innovative and interesting, and Id like to share it.

This new cycle seems like a good place to start the story...

I'll offer it again once I finish and detail the final version. I think it's going to be a pretty nice little piece when it's done.

Addendum: It's actually okay as I'm also making a couple of very minor little running changes to the design, just to make the joinery even more perfect.

I just hate to throw away a perfectly good cabinet.

I mean, if someone wanted to pay shipping or come pick it up, I would give it away. You'd need to supply the hardware (~$35) and a couple of 12" guitar speakers, but you'd have a low-cost, high-quality cabinet otherwise.

You could also finish it however you wanted.

I went ahead and used wood screws to mount the speakers up anyway in order to test the cabinet. The good news is that it turned out really awesome. It sounds fantastic. The fit and finish looks amazing. Everything works great. So, other than the speaker bolt pattern everything is good news.

So, I get to re-cut all of the parts for the cabinet and do it again. That's pretty close to a full day of machining time on my little setup.

I should have test fit a speaker before I glued it.


So here's a fun story... When I cut the standalone speaker mount, I noted that the bolt pattern radius needed to be rounded down just a little bit. I made that change in the baffle board design that I manufactured.

Found out today when I was ready to mount up the speakers, that I rounded that radius UP instead of DOWN, and wasn't able to bolt the speakers in.

Totally should have checked the baffle board for fit before I glued the thing together. Major bummer...


The 2x12 is coming along. All the machining is done. Glued it up yesterday. Have some manual operations to do next like rounding over the edges with a manual router and sanding. Will throw some speakers in it and do a rough test in the next couple of days, before I start the journey towards doing all the finish work.

I think it's going to be pretty epic based on what I have in mind for a finish.

Starting on the tool path design (CNC programming) to manufacture my new 2x12 cabinet design. This is a fairly complicated part for my usual workflow... 6 different path jobs (CNC programs) to complete the part. Two-sided milling, with tool changes on each side.

Each job represents a tool change, or a break for a manual operation (breaking out the tabs on the speaker cutouts before the finishing passes).

Rough legs for the new CNC workstation. Not intended to be structurally sound without the components that will mount underneath. There will be a couple of shelf boxes, an electronics enclosure, and a dedicated spot for the dust extractor. Those pieces will provide a ton of additional support for the legs.

Got the rough, working architecture for my new 2x12 guitar cabinet finished up tonight.

Should be modular enough to support open-back, closed-back, tonewood blocks, baffles, and a bunch of other possibilities.

Gonna build the simple version, first.

Hardware inbound. Will use the hardware to incorporate cutouts for the jack plate, the handle, etc.

I've wanted a 2x12 cabinet for my studio guitar rig for a while. Prices of cabinets are completely insane these days. Dawned on me the other day that the parts for a chunky 2x12 cabinet should all be inside the envelope size of my CNC setup.

Made up a test mount for a Celestion 12" today to make sure I've got the dimensions nailed.

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This romantic vision of the luddite, potentially emancipating, power of computing was promptly smothered by military drones, surveillance hardware and the advertisement machinery.

Suffice to say, that nowadays, to most of my friends, computing evokes either encroaching social networks or the drudgery of data entry.

Perhaps I'm making it more difficult than necessary by using the term personal computer, and not finding a more apt word to describe what I have in mind.

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What are computers for, anyway?

Some mathematicians are of the opinion that the doing of mathematics is closer to discovery than invention.

Mathematical beauty is the aesthetic pleasure derived from the abstractness, or orderliness of mathematics. Similarly to how one might enjoy spending time studying venation patterns, we can imagine a device to explore procedural music and parametric illustration.


Building a platform to give the machine a home where it can manufacture a better home for itself... kind of an interesting boostrap process.

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Working on a (hopefully) much slicker platform for my CNC setup. I built the first platform as a cabinetry project using traditional cabinetry methods. This new platform will be modular, and rendered on the CNC machine itself.

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