Here's the first photo of the proper keyboard platform for my workstation console. The version that's on there now is just a placeholder. This new version is CNC milled out of rough-cut Black Limba. Leaving the machining marks on it from face-milling the stock.

This photo was taken after the first coat. Will end up with 6 coats total, and then polished to look like glass. Should be a pretty nice piece.


And here's a wider shot of the whole back side. 😎

Still need to iterate on the monitor power supply card, and the usb mount card. And I also need to machine the front and back covers. Should be done this week!

It's super comfortable to work in front of. Everything is in just the right spot with just the right angles.


Still poking at getting the "cable management backplane" worked out for my workstation console. Today I made an "egress card" designed to anchor and provide strain relief for the power, USB, and displayport connections back to the workstation. They get trunked together and covered with wire loom.

After 6 months with FreeCAD, I can pretty much just let my imagination go wild and I don't have to think about how to execute. Love FreeCAD!


And the key to properly domesticating a CNC router is a great dust extraction setup. I've got a little Festool CT SYS, coupled with a cyclone, which works well enough that I'm okay with running this setup around electronics and musical instruments. The CT SYS has a HEPA filter on the exhaust and does a very good job.

I also keep the rest of my supplies in here. And my little Festool palm sander really helps "deburr" parts off the machine.


The latest parts for the workstation console. Made a new set of legs that are just a smidge taller (22mm). I also forgot to machine the mounting points for the "cable plant cabinet" when I made the last set of rear legs... and I made a stupid mistake when I glued one of the original legs together.

So these parts resolve those issues.

Looking forward to getting that cable plant cabinet mounted up so I can up-level my cable management for the workstation.


I've had a couple of folks ask about my CNC setup. I'm running a mostly stock Shapeoko 3 XL. I did build some wasteboard fixtures that let me more easily work with large stock sizes, all the way up to the maximum working envelope of the machine.

Generating all of my gcode from FreeCAD. Using CNC.js as my gcode sender. Got lots of macros that work with my fixtures to make it really fast to get jobs set up and running.


Working on a semi-technical add-on for my workstation console. Building a "card cage" for 3 plywood "cards", each of which is custom-designed to hold a part of the rig's cable plant... power supply for the monitor, USB hub, strain relief+egress.

The cards will slide in and out of the cage like removable disks. Decide on different gear down the road... just swap out the component mounts.


Could anyone help me out with a simple circuit, possibly involving a timer, so that when there is no recent disk activity the LED stays lit, indicating power... and when there is disk activity the LED blinks to indicate such. After a timeout in disk activity, the LED reverts to being a steady-state power indicator?

Obviously, I'd love for it to be safe and not destroy the motherboard in my system. 😃


Interested in some help with (what I assume is) a basic electronics project.

My new workstation case only has a single indicator LED. The system came from the builder (Puget Systems) with the LED connected to the power indicator pins on the motherboard. I moved it to the HDD activity pins, because I prefer that.

(continued... 1/2)

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One of the main functions of this console is to allow the monitor to lay nearly flat and lay down out of the "shadow" of the audio from the main monitor speakers. Getting the big screen out of the space makes a noticeable difference in the soundstage.

The next iteration of the design will allow the monitor to be just as upright as this design, but the lowered position will go even lower than what is pictured here.


One of my favorite parts of building a new piece with is working in the Path workbench to build all of the toolpaths to create the parts on the CNC machine.

Before FreeCAD, I worked with Fusion360. For the work I'm doing, I don't miss Fusion at all!


A recent Blender project.

Cranking the VFX work back up in preparation for my next episode.


Another view of the same build.

Really digging the joinery and build techniques that I'm working with. I seem to get solidly reliable fit out of my designs. They glue and bolt together without any fuss, right off the CNC.


First iteration of the new console up and working. This one is just a rough-and-ready build... barely even sanded the parts when they came off the CNC. Just glued it together and put it in service.

Already churning on the v2 modifications. The next iteration will end up looking a lot sleeker. This first iteration is mostly about getting the geometry for the human interface worked out.

Still need to work out cable management.


Just finished up all of the rough geometry. This piece is designed to be an extremely minimal workstation console, just enough to support a keyboard, mouse and display... but also with the requirement that the display can lower and lay flat. Laying the display flat cuts way down on the "shadow" it produces between my main monitor speakers. Useful when mixing or listening critically.

Teaching an old bot new tricks. Continuing to develop the percussion cybernetics for the next pieces of work.

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