Everybody take a deep breath with me. It's all going to be just fine. ❤️

What if we're not actually meant to agree on everything? I believe quantum physics tells us that contradictory concepts can exist simultaneously.

I know it's dicey where our universes overlap. We need to work that out. We will. In time.

Apply more kindness. Trust that everyone is doing their best.

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Who's there?
Poorly synchronized threads
Knock knock

Have a new workstation inbound. It's going to need a piece of furniture to house it, to integrate it into the studio. Did a first concept sketch today.

Does that sound like it would be of interest to anyone else?

I don't mind building something like this just for myself. I feel like this system itself part of my artistic universe. So, it's likely worth the effort just to me.

But I would love to get some input from other folks who might be interested in a system like that.

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Primarily want to invest in creating a robust, simple, future proof content format, as a container... a kind of " " for .

I've wanted a better pipeline for all of my output for quite a long time. Feels like it's time to go for it.

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I'm calling my new publishing framework a . I'm building publishing systems around the concept of a .

Going to focus first on the content abstraction, from the perspective of a , a , an .

Will probably start with some hybrid of and .

Thinking about just that native content format into output formats: gemtext, , to be hosted in those idiomatic forms.

May eventually work towards a native .

For most of last year, I've been working on a high-performance , similar to or , written in :


The "westworld3" protocol is designed to be highly tunable. In general, it changes the way that congestion control works, and achieves a 2x-4x improvement in throughput over TCP over lossy and latent links.

It's early days, and there are a handful of problems that need to be cracked still. But it's promising, so far.

Been having some pretty good conversations about potential paths forward for new based on the spirit of things like .

It might also be worth exploring building tooling from the side, allowing multiple render paths out to different formats, each of which is idiomatic for the local conventions.

I'm just eager to . Want to target open and traditional infrastructure. I'd like to have my content remain as future-proof as I can make it.

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@Sandra @alcinnz @fortifieduniverse
I may have overstated, "grids are good" 🤓

What I'd like to accomplish is nudging publishers towards semantics in their presentation. So, if the publisher is willing to declare an intent, and the reader judges the intent worthy of accommodation, there's mechanisms for that to happen. If the intent can't be accommodated by the device or isn't welcome by the reader, then the semantic styles are ignored and only the semantics of the markup are interpreted, which would result in a document reflow rendering. This would reverse the perennial nudge towards accepting publisher styles because degradation is far from graceful

Could probably build what I'm looking for within the .

Just sort of fantasizing out loud about what my new digital wants to be.

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What if we had an open HTML+CSS+server variant, totally stripped down? A basic, fixed, browser-controlled grid-based layout mechanism. Sites can't change the layout from HTML or CSS (user preferences only). Use the idea to build micro .

Would support embedded videos and images. But the player/viewer code is controlled by the .

Similar spiritually to . Probably like that new Google jam, but . Would satisfy fetishists.

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A great article by @ericbuijs explaining the power of #activitypub and how it gives the fediverse a HUGE advantage over commercial silos.

A must-read for new Fedizens!



#fediverse #mastotips #mastodon #activitypub #decentralize #fedizens

So, there was an "Alien vs. Predator" movie... I'm not really into wars and fighting, but in a similar vein wouldn't it be cool to see... "The Cylons vs. The Borg"?

I would totally watch that.

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