I'm calling my new publishing framework a . I'm building publishing systems around the concept of a .

Going to focus first on the content abstraction, from the perspective of a , a , an .

Will probably start with some hybrid of and .

Thinking about just that native content format into output formats: gemtext, , to be hosted in those idiomatic forms.

May eventually work towards a native .

Primarily want to invest in creating a robust, simple, future proof content format, as a container... a kind of " " for .

I've wanted a better pipeline for all of my output for quite a long time. Feels like it's time to go for it.


Does that sound like it would be of interest to anyone else?

I don't mind building something like this just for myself. I feel like this system itself part of my artistic universe. So, it's likely worth the effort just to me.

But I would love to get some input from other folks who might be interested in a system like that.

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