First iteration of the new console up and working. This one is just a rough-and-ready build... barely even sanded the parts when they came off the CNC. Just glued it together and put it in service.

Already churning on the v2 modifications. The next iteration will end up looking a lot sleeker. This first iteration is mostly about getting the geometry for the human interface worked out.

Still need to work out cable management.


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@case Thanks! This is just the "working out the geometry" version... already have ideas how to make it really sleek and even more "spaceship-like"... also even lower looking.

@fortifieduniverse @case I love it when people post rad stuff and it's only just the first iteration :D beautiful work!

@freebliss @case Thank you so much! I've been thinking about this project for a long time, so it's nice to have a first iteration realized... it's my daily driver workstation, also... which makes it repeatedly obvious anytime I run into anything that irks me. So that'll help with the next iteration.

Need to get this piece and a couple of others knocked out so my room is ready to start shooting the next episode of my series soon!

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