Working on a semi-technical add-on for my workstation console. Building a "card cage" for 3 plywood "cards", each of which is custom-designed to hold a part of the rig's cable plant... power supply for the monitor, USB hub, strain relief+egress.

The cards will slide in and out of the cage like removable disks. Decide on different gear down the road... just swap out the component mounts.


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What your machine setup for something like this? I'd love to get into cnc woodworking.

@Clifford My setup is a pretty standard Shapeoko 3 XL. I designed my own fixtures, work holding, enclosure and such... but otherwise it's pretty stock.

I'll post some pictures of my setup this week...

@M4x @FreeCAD "cable management backplane"?

Trying out approaches that treat the furniture as part of the workstation.

I also kind of like building highly technical parts in plywood. I'll probably add aluminum into my repertoire once I have a shop.

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