One of the things I deal with for every furniture design, is how to best lay out all of the jobs, based on my preferred stock sizes. I'm starting on building a gcode job layout tool, which will allow me to best arrange all the jobs to make best use of the stock sizes I have available.

Anyone else interested in something like that?

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@FreeCAD @yorik Conceptually similar, yes, in that we're talking about a packing problem. I'm building mine as a post-processor for a collection of "idiomatic" gcode files, representing parts to be manufactured. Going to include a "manifest" describing the counts of parts and any constraints. The solver will also include support for several levels of stock breakdown. I break full sheets into a couple of different sizes, which get broken up into blanks for jobs.

@FreeCAD @yorik My post-processor will end up creating a cut list for creating the blanks, and then groups of jobs to be run against those blanks.

So yes, conceptually similar to "Arch_Nest"... but providing a specific workflow based on material ingest, breakdown, and then job planning.

I suspect it will end up flexible enough to be useful in a lot of different workflows. Maybe it will end up being interesting to others...

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