Ahhh, I really hate that programming languages' package managers love to pull gigabytes of downloads but they don't have any pause option.

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My Internet sucks atm.

SOooo no Echidna progress yeet.

Oh gosh, the big thing I hate about Windows is that a LOT of Windows' legacy apps and dialogs are still light mode.

Even in Windows 11!

Does anyone realize that Alt texts in can be longer than the whole toot itself?

Yayyyy!! Let's goooo!

From now on, I'll be switching to Fedora Silverblue from Arch Linux!

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The best thing I like about the German Duolingo is that it's sooo diverrsiveee.

There's a muslim woman there, there's an Indian man there, and lots of other things depicting the plurality in Germanyy.

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Today I learned!

The GNU C standard libraries contain some easter eggs....

(the ED error is a reference to the Ed standard Unix editor)

RT @Inochi2D@twitter.com

Inochi2D is a in-development open source real-time 2D puppet animation suite and specification written in , allowing the end user to create and animate puppets in real time through various methods, including face tracking.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Inochi2D/status/15

all catgirls want is a comfy place to nap, food, headpats, and a multi-million dollar R&D budget.

OMGG, why can't Twitter be not political for like, a day?

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