We recently changed the .art rules to remove the restriction that any explicit NSFW art had to be posted unlisted.

It's working great so far! Everyone has been CW-ing their art appropriately :D

I'd like to introduce some refinement to it, to cater to our users who want to see none/some/all of the NSFW art.

If you're posting something explicit (that goes beyond artistic nudity), can you also tag with #explicit ? This will allow users to filter out the more extreme content :)

Thanks all!

@Curator Thank yoouuu so much!

Artistic nudity is still CW'd right?

@fortressia Yes :D Everything as it was before, except add 'explicit' if your work is explicit.


@Curator Thanks! I really wish to keep myself halal and kosher mode at all times. 😄

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@fortressia Hah XD You're on .online though, which will have its own rules - these are .art's rules :D

@Curator I thought it's

"We recently updated the .art rules to *have any explicit NSFW art* had to be posted unlisted".

Sooo not halal mooodee.

@fortressia Ah right!! No :D It used to be that any really explicit NSFW art was not allowed to be posted with 'public' visibility. We changed that, because it's a bit limiting :)

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